Wireless Earbuds

If You Are interested In The Airpods And You Want To Buy It, So Before you Go To The Market You Must Be Basic Informed About The Earbuds,  Airpods Of Many Companies Are Available In The Market, Some Are Very popular Like Samsung Galaxy Buds, Sony Xperia, LG, Apple, JLAB, jabra, BLX, Soundcore Anker liberty, Boat Airdopes, Earin, ptron, logitech, Skullcandy, Tozo, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, Panasonic, Raycon, oneplus, powerbeats, philips, oraimo, wirecutter earbuds, Remax, boult audio, Huawei, mivi duopods, Boltune, Nura

, phantom, JBL, Realme, boult audio airbass, sennheiser, Bose quietcomfort earbuds And Others, Each Pair Comes With Different Features Like Battery Life, And Wind noise cancellation, Water And Sweat Proof, Touch Control And Button Control, qualcomm aptx, Sleeping Earbuds, Sports, running, jogging, Gaming & Music, Earbuds,

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(ANC) Noise Cancelling Earphones

Noise cancellation Is A New Features, After Activate It Block Outside Noise, Adaptive Active Noise Is A Latest And Auto Adjust Technology, This Is Automatic Activation That Adapts To The  Environment And Applies To The Both Micro Phone And Speaker, Its Automatically activates If You Are In Noisy  To Clear Call And Music By Canceling Outside Noise, And At Without Noisy  Place Also Closes Itself

Stereo And Mono Modes

Some Of Earbuds Comes With Stereo Mode Mono And You Can easily Select Mono And Stereo  Mode

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Charging Case

Charging Case Is A Supercharger When You Put The Earbuds In The Charging Case The Guy Just Starts Charging With The LED Light On Front Telling You, That The Charging Box Also Need To Be Charged, These Box Support Tow Type Charging One Is The Cable And Some Is Wireless Charging And Cable Both, Some  Charging Case Have The Option Of Power Bank That Houses A High Capacity Battery And Supports A USB Port To Charge Your Mobile Phone,

IPX Rating

The IPX Rating IS A Rating Of IPX, IPX4 Is water & splashes Resistant, IPX 5 Can Withstand Low Water Pressure, IPX 6 Can Withstand High Pressure Water, The IPX 7 Withstand High Water Pressure And Survives About 30 Minutes In Water, IPX8 And IPX68 Water Resistant Up To One Meter Deep


The Microphone  Used In Those Earbuds, Headphone, And Earphone Which Is Used For Voice Call, Chat And Gaming Voice Chat,

Transparent Mode

Safe Mode Is a Mode In Which User Talk Normally And Is Turned Off Safe And Active Transparent Mode When There IS SOMTHING Confidential to talk about

Game mode  (Low Latency Mode)

The Mode Helps The Player To Get The Fastest Response During Playing Game

Headphone Type

In Ear-Headphone And Over Ear-Headphone,

Headphone Connectivity

The Tow Type Of Connectivity One Is The Wireless (Bluetooth) And 2ND Is Wire

Earbuds battery life

Battery Life Very Important At Earbuds, Airpods With Longer Battery Life Are Reported To Better Than Those With Shorter Battery Life

True Wireless

True Wireless Earbuds Are Those How Used The Latest Technology To Seamless Transfer Data Between Bluetooth And Device

Transparency Mode

This Mode Tells you Abut The Surrounding Environment And What Is Happening Around You

Earbuds Wearing Type

Generally There Are Tow Types Earbuds One Is In-Ear headphone And Others Over-Ear Headphone, In-Ear Headphone Tiny And Small It Is Implanted The Ear, Over-Ear Earbuds Are Usually Larger And Cover The Outer Part Of The Ear